Deb Hoag

Top Dog Horn Detox Tips

Surfeited on sweets? Ho’d one ho too many in celebration of the holidays? Already seen a heady New Year’s resolution or two slip out of your sweaty, hangover-greased grip? Make some resolutions you can live with and start a new post-holiday work out with these helpful tips from your favorite small press, Dog Horn Publishing: [...]

Polluto 4:
Queer & Loathing in Wonderland
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Polluto has donned its frilliest frock, slapped on the make-up and stepped into a pair of heeled ruby slippers to fight terrorist munchkins on the road to Oz. Grab your baseball bat and join the fray! Preview Contents Cross-dressing and black power in Wonderland, with Deb Hoag’s ‘Queer & Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road’ [...]

Polluto 3: Sex in the Time of VHS
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Polluto 3 looks at snuff, sex, violence and videotape. With a guest appearance or two by Jack the Ripper. Contents Sex, death and videotape in Deb Hoag‘s genetically-modified skin-flick perversion. Transdimensional, bisexual madness by Marshall Payne. Cross-pollenating, unitarian sex-mastery in J. Michael Shell’s unsettling ‘Fallout’. Punning lingus and speculative fiction’s answer to The Viz, in [...]

Polluto 2: Apocalypses and Garden Furniture
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Apocalypses & Garden Furniture examines the armageddon myths of today, from zombies to crime to social upheaval. Grab a deck chair and sit back as the world falls apart! Contents Jeff VanderMeer on Darfur, death by sea monsters and the state of counterculture (interview). Rhys Hughes with a lament about prog rock and the horrors [...]

Polluto 1:
Post-Natal Depression and the Mysterons
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Our Spectrum Fantastic Art Silver Editorial Award-winning first issue had the very loose theme of Post-natal Depression & the Mysterons. Here we set out to turn generic conventions and popular culture on its head. Contents Fresh stories from Jeff VanderMeer, Steve Redwood and Rhys Hughes. Artwork from Vince Lock, notable illustrator of 2000AD, The Sandman [...]

New Cross-Fucked Musings on a Manic Reality
Ed. by Tom Bradley

This volume is ripe with prime produce sprung from minds that span five decades, but comprise a single literary generation.

Crashin’ the Real
by Deb Hoag

One woman’s search for truth, justice . . . and Steven Tyler!