tantra bensko

Women Writing the Weird
Ed. by Deb Hoag

Our seminal anthology is now available with free worldwide postage and 20% off! Features Nancy A. Collins, Eugie Foster, Janice Lee, Rachel Kendall, Candy Caradoc, Mysty Unger, Roberta Lawson, Sara Genge, Gina Ranalli, Deb Hoag, Caroline M. Yoachim, Flavia Testa, Aimee C. Amodio, Ann Hagman Cardinal, Rachel Turner, Katie Coyle, Helen Burke, Janis Butler Holm, Carol Novack, Tanytra Bensko, Nancy DiMauro, Aliette de Bodard, J.S. Breukelaar, C. M. Vernon, Moira McPartlin and Wendy Jane Muzlanova.

Dogcast 28

This week on the Dogcast we have: GR Gapinski, Mark Todd, Tantra Bensko and a Dave Migman/Swaytooth/Darkofmaya collaboration!

Dogcast 22

Welcome to dogcast 22. Fine spoken word and sounds from: G31, Tantra Bensko, The Ursprung Collective, Clay Childe and Adam Lowe. Hosted by Dave Migman.

Dogcast 19

This week’s sonic bastard of a show includes shorts by: G31, Tantra Bensko, John Palisano, Richard Thomas, Mark Todd and Gift Of Delusion. All hosted by Mr Dave Migman.

Dogcast 16

This week’s Dog Cast will vibrate your solar plexus! We have Tom Bradley, Ben Kempson, Swamp Messiah, Tantra Bensko, Stewart Forth and Bob Beagrie, and Dave Migman all in one swift half hour show that you can’t afford to miss. Oh, and Davina Migman hosts/abuses.

Dogcast 15

Ding dong! This week we will raise a smile on your little chops. Yes, more fun than you are used to! Yes, here, now, Dog Horn Publishing presents Dogcast 15. Hosted, selected and mixed by Dave Migman, with stories by Frank Burton, Rhys Hughes, Madeleine Swann, Tantra Bensko, Michael Monkhouse and Chet Gottfried.

Dogcast 14

Salutations slavelings! Welcome to another edition of the fabulous and always mutating Dogcast Central! Yes, here it is, fresh from the mouth. This week we have Dave Migman reading ‘Learning to Live and Die’ throughout, interspersed with gems by: Tantra Bensko, The Ursprung Collective, Adam Lowe, and Stewart Forth/Bob Beagrie.