Dogcast Central:
A New Platform for the Spoken Word

Dogcast Central: A New Platform for the Spoken Word

LISTEN UP! Welcome to the new broadcasting arm of Dog Horn Publishing: Dogcast Central. The new channel for dogged readers of dog-eared books, full of spunk and junk and plenty of funk.

Yes, we’re finally moving with the times. Branching out. Feeling the electric pulse of onward movement as we digitise ourselves to the aether and live in cybernetic eternity. Or something like that.

The latest instalment from Dogcast Central is available here.

We are now open for submissions for Dogcast Central.

We’re looking for reviews, sketches, spoken word, stories, interviews . . . whatever floats your boat. Send it in and we promise to give it a look. Our curator for this project can be contacted at Please send a short bio and your mp3, and we’ll tell you what we think!

For an example of what we’re after, check out the shows so far, presented by Dave Migman. Dave is the man spearheading this project, and we love him for it. Thank you, Dave!

You can find out more about the wonderful Dave, and his headfuck-in-a-book The Wolf Stepped Out here.

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