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Endless running games are the distractions we play when we have time to kill. Through our onscreen avatars, we leap over obstacles and trample our enemies. The longer we survive, the harder the game gets; the faster the obstacles, the closer the enemies. These are poems for the console generation. Poems for those of us with time to kill, and about those who killed in their spare time. Inside, you’ll find the likes of Captain Ahab, Edward Kenway, Ellen Ripley, Hector of Troy, Priss, Anakin Skywalker, Bob Hoskins, and the eastern European girl who sounds too good to be true but keeps sending you emails anyway. You’ll find the ghosts of Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rimbaud, Antonin Artaud, Geoffrey Hill and Jeremy Clarkson—an eclectic cast who riff on culture both high and low. Each character haunts the poems, each plosive throws glassware at the walls.