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Amethyst eyes—red-violet gems—glow with her passions. Impatient fire tangled in her fingertips wants to grow. She wields it weld-hot and pulsed to go. A terrible beauty, a magnificent menace, the flame in her mind is turbulent and blinding. What she cannot have will calm her, so she settles for pain instead. Petulant girl, invincibly fragile, her rainbow bleeds into the storm. And she’s coming! You’ve followed Pearl and Spaul’s adventures in The Apprentice Journals. Now meet their aneke’lemental daughter Starshine. She’s a little feisty! Join Star and her human brother Spearl as they fight dastardly Masons, farm forbidden lectrics, and threaten World itself with the Linea Clipses. Riding the lines from Smith’s Crossing, you’ll discover the dark secret of Star City (Old Tara), the mysteries of Thirest’s tomb, and the dangerous jealousies that arrive with the New Apprentices. Things are heating up! Join the sizzle!