Poetry plays a special role when we are grieving. Reading poems can provide comfort at funerals, and writing them can help us to express our emotions. Poetry, Grief and Healing is designed to be a companion in the months and years after bereavement. You will read beautiful, moving and uplifting poems. Easy writing exercises will guide you through the process of writing your own poetry. You can do the writing exercises on your own, or in a group. You don’t need to have written any poems before. Poetry, Grief and Healing would make a thoughtful gift for a bereaved loved one, and a useful resource for counsellors, bereavement support groups, writing groups, religious communities and in palliative care. Poetry, Grief and Healing includes poems by W. B. Yeats, Kathleen Jamie, Mona Arshi, Karen McCarthy Woolf, Robert Powell and Malika Booker.

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ISBN: 9781907133329
Publisher: Dog Horn Publishing
Published: 30 June 2020
Pages: 100
Binding: Perfectbound Paperback
Weight: 0.3 kg (est.)
Dimensions (centimetres): 15.24 wide x 22.86 tall